What do I need to know about home education in Wisconsin?

To Know:

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Competitive Sports?

Since 2015, students who have filed a PI-1206 are eligible to play on their local public schools sports teams. Learn more from HSLDA.

What’s the Law?

Read the law for yourself courtesy of the Wisconsin DPI.

Know what the words mean

“Homeschool” is not found in Wisconsin statutes, but “Home-based private educational program” is. You can file a PI-1206 to report your HBPEP enrollment here.

Other at-home options include hybrids (University-Model schools that are part-school, part-home), virtual charter schools (secular public), and virtual private schools (can be religious).

HSLDA is on your side

Curious about recent homeschool legal issues involving diplomas, compulsory attendance, or more? Join HSLDA!

Statistic of the Month

Home Education & Virtual Charter Enrollment

From the beginning of Wisconsin tracking private home-based education thru 2000, enrollment skyrocketed to over 20,000 students. But the numbers soon declined as a new mode of education arose – virtual charter schools. Although operated by public school districts, and required to be secular, many families appear to have switched from ”traditional homeschooling” to the alternative virtual charter schools. It took almost 20 years to return to the high water mark of 2001 – and then COVID propelled home education to record heights (as it did to virtual charter schools).

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